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Why I Love Filming Weddings

I have been interested in film and videography most of my life. As a youngster I used to watch a lot of films and wish I could one day make something that people could watch that would make them laugh or smile. 
I really enjoy capturing moments that make people smile or refresh their memory from a previous time in their life; that’s where my passion lies. Being able to meet lots of new people on my journey is an added bonus.
When I’m working with couples, I aim to put them at ease so the essence of the wedding day shines through. When you watch my videos you will see a certain style and energy to my work that differs from others.

It means a lot to me to capture a wedding perfectly so that it creates a wonderful memory for someone. I like to work discretely as well as guiding married couples to capture some romantic and dreamy shots.

I am always grateful when asked to  film someones special day.

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